Resources Include U.S. History's Backstories...


For those dissatisfied with the bare-bones, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter history and government classrooms of today, Standards Plus History Academy is an alternative. For those objecting to "teaching" or "learning" to a state test, Standards Plus History Academy is a complementary resource, building out the state standards with historical context, cause-and-effect, and backstories - all the stuff that makes history and government interesting...and relevant. And sadly, all the stuff that cannot be covered in today's classrooms because of time and content constraints that flow out of state tests. If you are a student or teacher and truly want more, Barry Jones will provide it. 


Standards Plus History Academy is an online store with junior high social studies and senior high United States history and government student & teacher resources.


A history and government teacher and author of three JFK assassination books, Barry Jones has been providing quality materials to his students for over 20 years.


Recognizing there is no substitute for experience, Mr. Jones has created Standards Plus History Academy as a clearinghouse for all the US history and US government resources he has developed over two decades of teaching, making them available to students and teachers alike. These resources include but are not limited to PowerPoint presentations, guided notes outlines, books, worksheets, reviews, and video lecture shorts - all designed to make learning more accessible, enjoyable, and impactful!


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