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New Deal - Effects of the New Deal PowerPoint (23)

New Deal - Effects of the New Deal PowerPoint (23)

A PowerPoint presentation beginning with a listing of the relevant learning objectives (Williamson County scope & sequence based on Tennessee standards). Lesson includes the following: Eleanor's impact on the position of First Lady, the role of women and African Americans in the FDR Administration, FDR and the NAACP, FDR and native Americans, the Indian New Deal, the Indian Reorganization Act, the Navajo Livestock Reduction Program, FDR's New Deal coalition and its impact on electoral politics going forward, FDR and his impact on the expanding role of government in people's everyday lives, the New Deal's success in restoring peoples' confidence in American institutions, its impact on families, farmers, and the environment, the modern "welfare state", the enduring liberal vs. conservative arguments regarding the proper role of government in the private lives of American citizens, FDR's impact on the power of the presidency, and the 22nd amendment. Great Depression culture - escapist and realist movies, music, comic books, literature, art (Federal Art Project), etc. also covered in this PowerPoint.

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