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US Government Class

US Government Class

Semester-length (4 months) US Government class. Includes the following:

  • Online class led by a state-licensed, Level 5, Master's degreed, 25-year teaching veteran
  • Standards-based curriculum 
  • Class syllabus and curriculum BUNDLE included with class (PowerPoints & accompanying guided notes outlines, worksheets, activities, readings, etc.)
  • Assignments (worksheets, readings with questions, message board interactions, essays, etc.)
  • Instructor-graded assessments with feedback (quizzes, tests, papers, etc.)
  • 32 hours of live-remote classes
  • 16 hours of live-remote instructor office hours
  • 1 live-remote Parent-Teacher conference
  • Course-ending certificate with standards checklist
  • US Government Topics Include the Following...
    • Principles of American Government
    • US Constitution: 6 Purposes
    • Forms of Government
    • Basic Concepts of Democracy
    • Origins of American Government
    • US Constitution: 5 Compromises
    • US Constitution: 6 Big Ideas
    • US Constitution: 27 Amendments
    • Federalism
    • Political Parties
    • Suffrage
    • The Electoral Process
    • Public Opinion
    • Shaping Public Opinion
    • The Legislative Branch: Congressional Facts
    • The Legislative Branch: Congressional Powers
    • The Legislative Branch: Congressional Action
    • The Executive Branch: The Presidency
    • The Executive Branch: Presidential Powers
    • The Executive Branch: Foreign Affairs
    • The Judicial Branch: The Inferior Courts
    • The Judicial Branch: The Supreme Court
    • The Judicial Branch: Supreme Court Precedents
    • Financing Government
    • The Watergate Scandal: A Crisis in Confidence
    • The Watergate Scandal: Nixon's Motive to Obstruct
    • The Watergate Scandal: All the President's Men movie worksheet
    • The Watergate Scandal study guide
    • Civics Test: PowerPoint & study guide
    • Constitution Day: Amendments worksheet & quiz
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